Our Journey

After deciding conventional farming is simply NOT environmentally or financially sustainable for us, we got into grass farming in 2006. We have enjoyed our journey of learning how manage our grass, and our animals, as nature intended, creating a healthy and sustainable system. 

Under a natural system we are limited in how much we can produce, so we have chosen to market our products directly to people who appreciate the quality of food raised in a natural and sustainable way.

Brad & Donna Martin

Donna and I were both born and raised on a farm. We have never known anything but open spaces, working with livestock, the unpredictability of weather, and the rhythms of the seasons. We are proud to have our son, Todd, coming back home to join us on the farm to continue on our vision of sustainable farming.

Our Promise

We will strive to produce the healthiest, most nutrient dense food we possibly can, in a way that is beneficial to the environment, our animals, and our customers.